Live Casino Review 11-06-2021

How To Play Blackjack

The popular card game called Blackjack comes from another equally popular one that has lasted for centuries. The original game is “La Veintiuna” or “El Veintiuno” played in the Spain of Miguel de Cervantes, who included a reference to the card game in his work ” Rinconete y Cortadillo ” (1612). Its attractiveness has always […]

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Live Casino Review 08-06-2021

5 Powerful Tips for Playing Live Dragon Tiger

Casino Dragon Tiger is a long-lasting wagering game. Cambodia originated the famous classic game. Hence, many Asians are fond of casino game. The Baccarat betting technique is mostly followed by Dragon Tiger. At the same time, it is based on the fundamentals of the Casino War.  The popular table game features only two cards: One […]

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Sports Review 21-05-2021

UEFA Euro 2021: Which Fixtures can Cause an Upset? (Prediction)

The clock is ticking, and we are about to witness the most remarkable footballing action next month. There were a lot of stories going around amongst the Super League and the UEFA debacle. Some executives said that the players participating in the tournament will not be able to play in UEFA Euro 2021. However, let […]

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Live Casino Review 18-05-2021

How To Play Baccarat: Rules and Odds

Only a few other table games have been present in the gambling industry as Baccarat. Otherwise known as Punto Banco, the popular game is widely played by high rollers in many land-based casinos and online gambling sites worldwide. Hardly will you find a popular casino resort that doesn’t offer Baccarat betting options to its wealthy […]

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Sports Review 15-05-2021

Euro 2021 Power Rankings: Part II

We have seen the top five teams that will battle it out in the upcoming iteration of UEFA Euro 2021. What about the next five? Let’s see their recent form and what potential they will carry in UEFA Euro 2021. Check out Euro 2021 Power Rankings: Part I before you read the following.   6). […]

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Sports Review 11-05-2021

Euro 2021 Power Rankings: Part I

In this blog post, we go through some of the most surprising changes in rankings. Germany’s three-time Euro winners see a plummeting decline in rankings, and we also see some surprises in the list. Let’s find out and view the recent rankings.   1). Belgium (up by 2 rankings) The Belgian manager, Roberto Martinez, made […]

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Slots Review 04-05-2021

How To Play And Win Monkey Thunderbolt

Just admit it – casino online players have one common goal which is ”play to win”. That’s probably the same reason you’re here, to get the tips and tricks of winning at monkey thunderbolt. This game has become so popular for online casinos in Malaysia, which has made it every player’s choice. Everything about this […]

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How Bitcoin Casinos Work?

Is It Safe To Use Bitcoin For Online Casinos? Since the inception of Bitcoin, the digital currency has created a new flourishing economy around the world. The digital economy continues to grow in parallel to the conventional economy with fiat money internationally. Hence, it is unsurprising that cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin keep getting more recognition worldwide. […]

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Casino Review 23-04-2021

How to Deposit in an Online Casino Malaysia?

With the advent of technology and the web, specifically, Online Casinos have gained quite some popularity. More and more people have started playing at online casino sites each year compared to traditional casinos. Of course, every online casino has different deposit and withdrawal methods. The reason being is, online casinos are safe, convenient and you […]

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Sports Review 20-04-2021

UEFA Euro 2021: Each Nation’s Best Premier League Players

With so much hype building around this year’s UEFA Euro 2021 competition, we are all set to witness some of the best football action as well as some best players to watch out for. Injury-time goals, long-range screamers, and some of the best action-packed moves are going to occur. For now, we are going to […]

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Slots Review 16-04-2021

How To Win In Panther Moon Slots

If there is anything any gambler yearns for, it is to win always. I mean; who on earth hits a casino without wanting to make the most out of their bet? Sure, everybody wants to win. Yet, at times, winning in an online casino slot game doesn’t come so easily. It takes a lot of […]

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Sports Review 12-04-2021

What Will Be The Fate Of UEFA Euro 2021?

UEFA Euro 2021 was scheduled to be played in the year 2020 initially, but the executives had to postpone the newly transmitted virus because of the freshly transmitted virus. The fans are hoping to see their nations battling it to single out their opponents. Amid the novel COVID-19 situation, the Euro 2021 players themselves are […]

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Slots Review 09-04-2021

Why 918Kiss Is So Popular In Malaysia?

918Kiss Casino is amongst the most popular online casino in Malaysia, and its number of players is perhaps number one in the country. Famous as it specifically targets smartphone players and delivers a wide range of best casino games, SCR888 was officially changed its name to be 918Kiss (kiss918) during the first month of the […]

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Sports Review 06-04-2021

Who Will Become the UEFA Euro 2021 Top Scorer

The prestigious European tournament, UEFA Euro 2021, is set to be kicked off in a couple of months. With so much anticipation building around, there is also a situation of uncertainty due to COVID-19. In the latest iteration of the virus, the future of the tournaments is in balance. However, if all things go as […]

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Poker Review 31-03-2021

The Best Poker Guide 2021

Globally, Poker is a recognized game in different variants. A standard poker features a number of cards, in which patrons bet over which hand is the best. While betting, players need to adhere to some rules and understand some rankings, especially when you are playing online poker. Poker ranges in various versions, based on deck […]

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Slots Review 24-03-2021

Tips And Tricks To Big Win In Dolphin Reef

One of the biggest questions asked by most gamblers — whether newbies or pros — is; how can I win? Sure, beating the slot machine to win amazing rewards is often not easy — or perhaps that’s what some experts will tell you. But what if we told you that by playing Dolphin Reef slots, […]

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Slots Review 16-03-2021

The Best Games On Mega888 Online Casino

Gambling is not just about winning a bet but also about feeling entertained. That’s why most gambling fanatics seek to have fun just as much as they crave earning a few bucks. Now, if entertainment and recreation are so important to bettors, then playing the best casino games is quite necessary. Otherwise, boredom will set […]

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Why Casinos Prefer Cryptocurrency as a Payment Method

Cryptocurrencies have grown primarily because of the progression of the Internet. It’s one of the main reasons why Bitcoin was created in 2009. Safe to say that the introduction of Bitcoin forms the basis of many significant digital inventions in recent years. Undoubtedly, the development of Bitcoin elevated Satoshi Nakamoto to the position of one […]

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Slots Review 01-03-2021

Bonus Bears Slot Tips And Guides

Some people are naturally attracted to teddy bears and all kinds of pets. People with such taste also likely appreciate watching cartoon movies and other forms of animation. Now, as a teddy lover, have you ever imagined experiencing similar fun (just as in the movies) in an online casino? Trust me, there is no better […]

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The Future of Cryptocurrency in Online Gaming

For more than a decade, the public acceptance and popularity of cryptocurrency continue to rise. The digital currency gained further recognition when online casinos began to embrace crypto-gaming. Cryptocurrency and online casinos have been predicted to develop a fruitful partnership, creating space for multiple economies over time. How? Read this article to learn about digital […]

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